California unemployment is at an all‑time low while autism rates are on the rise. It is time to create a win‑win solution for both employers and neuro‑diverse employees.

TAP | Breaking Barriers in the Workplace

Introducing TAP

The Transformative Autism Program (TAP) was developed with input from young adults on the autism spectrum in order to educate California employers on how to hire, train and retain people with autism—and in turn help them become the valuable employees they have the potential to be.

As employers, we often overthink and become overwhelmed by the thought of hiring someone with a disability, but it's actually very easy to do. There are so many resources and support in our community that when it comes down to it it's actually very easy.
— Philip Leung, SMUD

An Untapped Labor Market

Every year, 50,000 students with autism graduate from high school and most of these young people remain unemployed or are in part-time minimum wage jobs well into their twenties. While there are programs to help this population prepare for a career, California employers do not have the tools to hire, train, and retain this untapped and valuable group of employees.

Employees with Autism Have a Lot to Offer.

Research shows that there are business benefits to hiring employees with autism. People on the spectrum often demonstrate trustworthiness, loyalty, strong recall, reliability, adherence to rules, attention to detail, and a very direct communication style.

Employers who implement accommodations for neurodiverse employees report improved corporate culture, communication, innovation and morale across the entire staff.

Ready to Tap into this Workforce?

If you are an employer in Los Angeles or Sacramento County, you may be eligible to participate in the TAP pilot program, consisting of a FREE five-module online course and a follow-up round-table discussion. Training begins in March 2020.

TAP in the News

TAP is a project of the Sacramento Employment and Training Agency, the California Workforce Association, the California Workforce Development Board and Meristem, a transitional program for young adults on the spectrum. Funding was provided by California SB866 “Breaking Barriers in Employment for Adults with Autism Pilot Program.”

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